Jenny’s comment on my last post and a recent post of Knit and Tonic bring the discussion to a sad sad fact. Somehow, learning to love knitting means losing any and all fashion sense. I want to be chic and cool, but I want to knit frumpy frumpy things. Like shawls. And self-patterning yarns.

My name is New York Minknit and I like to knit ugly things.

And if you keep reading my blog this week, I’ll have some (or at least one) potentially-ugly finished object for you to observe. And as a preview of something I recently started, look at this sock that I started (and yes, I still have another pair of socks unfinished.) Ugly, yet alluring.
New Sock Project: A Few Rows In

To attempt to end on an uplifting note, I will now promote The Sartorialist. This photo is from his site:


That sweater has cabling, yet is great. I’m not sure about all that naked chest-ness on top, but I salute Mr. Hipster for his fashion decision to BELT his sweater. I’m not sure all men should emulate this, but it is kind of awesome.

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