I always wanted to be someone who had an “inspriation” wall. No, not of quotes. Depending on my mood, I either find sappy quotes super-stupid or incredibly moving. I think I have bi-polar sappy card syndrome. There was one summer where my friend and I would send each other horrid cards (the ones that are marked “From loving wife to husband” or some such crap) because we thought they were so bad. But then, sometimes, I read them, and I think, *sniff!* “It’s so true! We are just little grains of sand in the world!”
Pringle sweater
But anyway, I thought it would be cool to have a interior decorating/closet inspiration wall. But I never got around to it. Instead I just pile all my crap around on various sofas (mine and Adam’s.) I told Adam–when he was trying to clear the corner of my crap–that he couldn’t throw away a Lucky magazine because it had a picture of this sweater above, which I wanted to copy. Anyway, I never scanned in the Lucky photo or anything, but I just found a blog, coloursknits.blogspot.com, that had this photo with links to people who had tried to copy it. (Her commenters had all sorts of useful information as well.)

P.S. I am aware I dress more like a homeless lady or Ugly Betty (as evidenced by the fact that Ugly Betty and I had the SAME coat–I replaced the powder blue version with a red puffer a year or two ago, but I digress) than a swinging ’60s mod girl.

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