In lieu of posting about Adam’s b-day present, which in my slow knitting way remains unfinished, I will show a photo of his Christmas gift, which I did manage to finish on time:Slippers

They’re a little pill-y from wear, but they’re holding up pretty well. Here’s a detail shot:

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Photo by Francisco.

This is F-Ro’s birthday gift last year, hence my need to keep up the crafty theme. In case you’re wondering, it’s a homemade care bear (or a store-bought one that had a tummy transplant and embroidery-tattoed paws) with chilis, because Francisco and I think it is hilarious that every time big corporations want to make something Hispanic they put a whole bunch of chili peppers on it and then some upside down exclamation points and words like “caliente!” or “ole” (the latter being, as he pointed out, Spanish, and not Mexican or South American.)

In return, he gave me a gong for my birthday.


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