Pattern: The Every Baby Sweater, by Taiga Hilliard Designs

Yarn: The Fibre Company’s Canopy Light, from Purl Soho. Adam bought me this yarn for my birthday in 2009. It only took me five years to knit it.

Needles: Body on a 5, sleeves on a 6, yoke on a 4.

Project begun/ended: I think I started this maybe last February? Or maybe even before that? I’m not sure, but I kept adding length and it DOES fit Margot, even though it took me a year to make this.

Notes: Would I ever blog again? Would I ever knit again? These are the questions a new mom asks. I have gotten into armchair knitting (i.e. putting stuff in my Ravelry queue in the middle of the night while dealing with Margot) and am hoping to get more into actual knitting again. A row every night will eventually add up to something, right?!?

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Photo by Angelica Glass.

So, like many a blogger before me, I succumbed to the most complex project/Finished Object of All Time: a baby. This is our little daughter, Margot, who arrived in the middle of summer. Of course, since she basically requires being fed and/or is pooping all the time, my knitting and blogging time is non-existent.

I did manage to knit her two sweaters (one of which had 2 rows and finishing to do after she was born, which took me weeks), mostly before she was born:

Pattern: Sunnyside, by Tanis Lavalee (free)

Yarn: Sundara Sock, from my old Seasons subscription, color, deadly nightshade.

Needles: I have baby brain and I have no idea. Probably a 2.

Project begun/ended: Maybe April to June 2012?

Notes: Easy to knit (well, if you don’t have a baby with you), but you have to keep track of the numbers.

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket, by Elizabeth Zimmerman, from The Opinionated Knitter

Yarn: Southwest Trading Bamboo.

Needles: I think the same needle as above? A 2?

Project begun/ended: June to August 2012

Notes: This is a very non-intuitive pattern—I depended heavily on the Ravelry BSJ notes to help me knit this. Cute and unexpected though.

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