sock in the emergency room

My dad had to go to the emergency room, and he’s still in the ICU (far from my threats of play-by-play recaps of Gossip Girl, much to his relief, I suppose. Though I noticed the ICU had a waiting area with many copies of The Economist and a copy of The Thorn Birds, which I did briefly contemplate reading, but I was a little too worried to read about the forbidden love of priests.) Knitting actually has been useful, because along with the anxiety, there is a TON of waiting around at the hospital. I finished up Adam’s socks, and am now working on some stockinette/garter stitch projects, which is not too complicated to knit in these situations. (The sock is at the emergency waiting room above, with a copy of Forbes. Dear hospitals: Concerned families would like to read about celebrity gossip, not economic analysis, y’know? Please give us more US Weekly issues, and less Economist.)

I did have a chance to stop by ImagiKnit yesterday to pick up some yarn to knit a blanket for my dad. I am the world’s slowest knitter, but I am hoping I can churn out something relatively rapidly.

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