Travel knitting


Okay, apparently none of my readers wish to weigh in about the location of the sock. Anyway, I went with Adam (and the sock) to Milwaukee for the weekend for a funeral, and we ended up staying a couple of days afterwards as well. I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was for blogging about a trip that you took for a funeral, but Adam seems to think it’s okay, and since he’s apparently the Emily Post of the online world, here’s some stuff about Milwaukee.

First of all, Adam, who was actually born near Milwaukee, kept calling it “Mill-walk-KAY” or Millwaukée, à la Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World. Last year, I sat next to someone at a dinner party who was told me his favorite city was Milwaukee, and his eyes literally lit up when Adam mentioned that his family’s ancestral seat* was in Milwaukee. Ever since then, I’ve been curious about the town, and it was nice to visit, though unfortunate that it was a visit under sad circumstances.

*This is my jokey phrasing, not Adam’s.

Also, it was pouring. See photo above. I look like a sand person from one of the Star Wars movies. 

Knitting in Transit

Of course, I had knitting. I finished one project that I was working on for a creativity study at NYU (I can’t blog about that until the end of the month), but if you’re interested in participating (participants get a $20 gift certificate to Purl), they’re still taking on knitters. You can read about that here, if you want to join. (They’ve extended the deadline). I also worked on Adam’s sock until I ran out of reinforcing thread, since I had, of course, only brought half a package of it. So, I had to cast on two new projects with unique-to–Milwaukee yarn (more about yarn stores later this week). I had a chance to knit for a while in the airport due to a delay, so by the time I got on the plane, I had part of a sock and half of a cowl. I held them up next to each other and I was like “Look! They’re the David and Goliath of knitting projects!” (One is on size 0 needles and the other on 10.5.)

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  1. March 11th, 2009 at 9:28 pm #Adam

    Yes, I see that you have part of a NEW sock and now know you have a WHOLE NEW COWL, yet I still only have ONE SOCK. Hmmph.