I made these in 2008, but it took me a while to blog about them because I wanted to put a pattern together. They’re super-duper easy. I came up with them on CalTrain on the way back from Purlescence. You can follow the more traditional¬† instructions that are in the PDF (link at the bottom of this post) or just make up your own–knit a bit of ribbing in chunky yarn, throw together a cable (I just knit the easiest one I could think of), make a thumb gusset, picot edging off and ta-da! You’re done. These literally took me three days.

Oh, and they’re called MittSF because they were designed and knitted in San Francisco and also because it sounds like mitzvah, a charitable act, which it certainly would be if you made a pair for a friend.

Download the pattern here.

Also available on Ravelry here.

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