Today tv, tomorrow, THE WORLD

I have totally discovered a new blog post theme for every post. HAHAH.

After spending all morning trying to figure out my various health insurance options (OMG America, just put everyone on national health care already), I decided to cross the next item off on my to-do list: being a television extra.

I’ve been thinking up things I want to do with my new unemployed/freelance time, including working on lots of my own projects, and doing weird fun things, one of which involved being an extra. I figured I had a leg up on everyone in New York because I have zero thespian aspirations* and can entertain myself during the long hours by knitting. (Figuring that being an extra is like dating–as long as you don’t want it, people want you. Also accomplished today: Watching He’s Just Not That Into You. Yep. I saw it. Shut up, I like Jennifer Aniston.)¬† So I went to sign up for this and dude, it was totally like jury duty. A wide swath of New York’s most intense.

I was right–I was the only person without acting dreams. Everyone had brought their head shots and they were all VERY CONCERNED about getting their best head shots uploaded. I think I even overheard one person say, “But what about my stage name?” In my head, I was like “My stage name is Fabulosa,” but I refrained from saying this out loud. Then, I probably enraged all of my fellow “background actors” because while they were all being hustled out, the casting dude asked me to stay behind because he thought he might have a part for me. (I like to think this is because I was the most stylishly dressed–and in my own opinion, least crazy–applicant.)

So yes, if you are reading this on Wednesday, I will not be at my computer because I will be playing a blur (a wealthy art-appreciating blur!) on a very popular television show! (Hint: Police procedural.) Or, uh, knitting on a chair somewhere, waiting to play a blur. You might even see my sleeve on tv!

* Of course, when I heard I got the “part,” I was totally excited, and imagining how they might upgrade me to a regular character, and how soon, even my friend Sarah would stalk me in Starbucks. Like everyone in America, I am revealed to be a fame whore when given even an inch.

The rest of the day I was all cheerful–with this kind of luck, I should start buying lottery tickets and persuing my other schemes ASAP! Wait until the world hears about my awesome history book idea!** I walked by the fashion tents at Bryant Park–it’s Fashion Week here in New York–and everyone was standing on the steps, craning their necks to see which models/fashion editors/celebs would come out of the Town Cars. I was so heartened. This is New York, where everyone comes to have their ridiculous dreams squashed! Yay!

** I mean, history, the most exciting field ever, right?!

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3 Responses to “Today tv, tomorrow, THE WORLD”

  1. February 18th, 2009 at 9:30 am #CM

    You are so funny! Are you getting paid anything decent?

  2. February 19th, 2009 at 9:13 am #Paige Orloff

    Clearly, CM has never worked as an extra. But on the upside–all the craft service you can eat. Blecch. Love, love, love your site and can’t wait to dig in more…. PS What plugin are you using for your “on the needles” meter? I want to add one to my page!

  3. February 19th, 2009 at 11:45 am #lekkercraft

    Oh fun! Congrats on stardom! I know some people who have done extra work and it sounded like a bear to get into, but with some experience it gets easier. Maybe they’ll see you knitting and put you knitting on TV!