Exercise Before Knitting

WIP: Garter Yoke Sweater

I’ve tried to stick to only knitting on my blog here, but with this new post-a-day resolution, I may have to introduce other non-knitting topics, due to dearth of knitting info. Anyway, today, I saw the best hat–I cursed myself for not bringing my camera.  It was a pointy knit hat, in red, but the entire thing was covered in a loopy stitch–so fun and cute. It was worn by this awesome little old lady chatting with her friends–it was like woolen version of those funky bathing caps you see at the pool.

I belong to a posh gym*–though I am giving up my membership in favor of a cheaper option when my current membership runs out–and I manage to only take the uncool, frumpy classes. The best is this AWESOME aqua-aerobics class, where the teacher has this great mix–it builds up slowly, and then the most strenuous (and I’m not kidding, aqua-aerobics gives you a workout, despite its lame reputation) exercises are set to Journey (“Don’t Stop Believing,” natch) and then the cool-down exercises are set to that Feist counting song. It sounds lame, but you can tell he put some thought into putting together the mix, unlike the other aqua aerobics teachers who teach the whole class to this generic club music the whole time, and there’s no arc. Yes, I am arguing that the best gym classes have an arc. (Knitting related link: I have long thought that I should adopt the blog Exercise Before Knitting‘s name as a life philosophy.) I went to the gym today, and it was pretty empty, which is another nice benefit of a flexible work schedule.

* Doogie Howser has been spotted working out at my gym. Though I am not sure that that is so impressive.

I haven’t been working on my socks because I’ve been churning out this sweater, Garter Yoke Cardigan, from the latest Knit.1 issue instead. I’m normally an accessory knitter, but I’ve been feeling the call of the sweaters this year. It’s going well, and I’m using some Debbie Bliss tweed that I bought on close-out from The Yarn Connection. It’s good subway knitting actually, because it’s pretty straightforward, and also good for knitting on while yelling at my computer, which is the slowest computer known to man. I think I knit an entire inch today before it allowed me to pay a bill online. Sigh. Technology. Sometimes, it sucks.

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