So it all began on Friday night, when I used a gift card given to me by Sarah to buy the sock book, Knit Socks! aka the book shaped like a sock. Apparently I was so sucked into my new excitement about a future of sock knitting that Adam came right up next to me and yet I totally didn’t see him and clutched the only copy available at Barnes and Noble and headed down on the escalator. I was like, don’t mess with me knitters! I have the only Knit Socks! book in the store! (Note that the book is called Knit Socks EXCLAMATION POINT! Excitement is clearly soon to come.)

Then, even though my co-worker generously gave me her needles, the sock book teaches you to use  a set of 5 double-pointed needles (DPNs), not 4 (she gave me a set of 4 clover bamboo needles), so I had to drag Adam to Purl Soho before dinner to get a set. (I dare not defy the instructions of a book with an exclamation point in its title.) I managed to squeeze in right before it closed.


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