I bet you thought I only wrote about knitting and I never actually knit. Ha! Look at the post below–an almost finished object. I finished the sweater while going to and from Coney Island.

coney knitting

I am wearing my So-Called Scarf and knitting on my Lexie Barnes knit bag that Adam got me for Christmas. I knit Continental, as you can see in the photo. I was taught to knit in China, and every time I tried to move the yarn to the right hand, some Chinese knitter would come over to give me a refresher course. Chinese knitters feel there is only one way to knit, and that way, grasshopper, is Continental. But I’m glad they beat me into it. Continental is, in my humble opinion, faster and easier. (I think it’s harder to learn, but it’s easier to feed in the yarn once you get it.)

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coney knitting

It’s almost a finished object! Because all it needs is weaving in of the ends and a washing and a blocking.

Pattern: Knitscape custom pattern (this is Artfibers custom version of the Knitware software)

Yarn: Artfibers kyoto, 4 skeins

Needles: Clover circulars in size 9 and 10.5 for the body and Balene circulars in 9 for the neck and armhole.

Skills learned: Picking up stitches, casting off loosely, slanted decreases facing right and left, increasing in circular garment knitting, three-needle bind off (for shoulder seams).

Other thoughts: This was a good first sweater project because it was pretty easy. Only problem was the nasty cast off. And now it’s fixed! Also the bottom of the armhold is a little loose, but that’s okay.
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