2010 FOs

So, here’s my annual round-up of what I knit during the previous year. I didn’t knit Adam anything in 2010 (insert sad face), but I did get married to him, so he has many more years of suffering through knitted projects. HAHAHA.

From top to bottom, left to right, the projects are:

Garter Yoke Cardigan
Cashmere Tweed Ithacowl
Honeymoon Shawl
Scrappy Monet Mitts
Felicity Hat
Lemondrop Socks

I didn’t knit as much as I would like, probably because I became totally sucked into wedding planning and now am having wedding withdrawal. I am dealing with my wedding withdrawal by (a) offering to plan the weddings of strangers, with, as one stranger said, “the look of crazy in my eye” and (b) making the most comprehensive photobook of all time. I may write a post about photobook services later this month, which I hope will be helpful to other people trying to figure out which service to use. Anyway, I loved our wedding and our honeymoon, but now I am moving back into regular life, including lots of knitting.

I also started a new job at the end of last year, which means that I commute regularly again, which means more knitting and reading time. When I am at home, I always feel I should be doing something else.

I don’t have any real specific goals for 2011, except knitting more, which shouldn’t be too hard, since I only knit six things this year.

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Before I do a 2010 roundup, I have one more 2010 FO to blog about. By the way, I switched my blog theme to match my personal website theme, but it’s a little tricky to comment in this new theme. You have to click on the post’s title to see the whole post and on the bottom there’s a comment form. Don’t let me blog into the void. 🙂

Pattern: My own. I cast on 108 stitches with a provisional cast-on with the smaller needle, knit 12 rounds, knit a purl round, switched to larger needles, knit another 12 rounds, undid the provisional cast-on so the stitches were live, knit the two rounds together with the second color and then knit 10 rounds of the second color (yellow), then 12 of the first color (blue), rinse and repeat. Decrease the top away, by dividing the total amount of stitches by 6, pm, knit 2tog every marker, knit one round plain, repeat decrease and plain round until you are satisfied. Also towards the end I started decreasing every round.

Silky Malabrigo in blue and yellow from Imagiknit in San Francisco. I think I bought this in 2009, when I went to my friend’s wedding in September 2009. I love this yarn! It looks beautiful in stockinette and has a slight sheen and is super soft. Above is one of my favorite photos from that wedding that one of the guests took. The light is gorgeous!

Needles: Number 3 Knitpicks and I think a number 4 or 5 Addi Natura.

This is Ithacowl around my neck.

Project begun/ended: I think I started this in the beginning of December and finished at the end. So it took about a month.

Notes: I never watched Felicity, the television show, but I believe that she had a hat kind of like this. I saw everyone wearing these slouchy hats, and I wanted one, too. The color scheme was inspired by this random old French movie Diva (which the protagonist in High Fidelity considers one of his top five movies). I don’t remember a lot about this movie except that the titular diva had a very ornate sitting room done up in shades of yellow and blue on the wall, which I admired. Also, that there was a chase scene in a sketchy Paris bowling alley, which I think I’ve actually bowled at.

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