Okay, so I was thinking I was going to write a post about how mercury is in renegade, because everyone I know, including myself, is stressed out, but then I googled the phrase and realized the phrase is “mercury in retrograde,” which doesn’t make any sense to me.

I told my friend that I am thinking of abandoning traditional methods of dealing with stress–journaling, reading, knitting, exercising, therapy, etc–and taking up with the woo, like shelling out for a psychic, because I find life needing more quick solutions. She was all for the psychic, claiming it was awesome. I have not yet completely embraced the woo, but I also told a different friend that for one of the first times in my life I wished I had endless piles of money, and he suggested–oddly, since he is normally relatively rational–that we go in on the lottery together. So at this point, the solution to my life problems is becoming a lottery jackpot winner, as predicted by a psychic. Great.

My normal methods of coping–trying on all the clothes in my closet and watching When Harry Met Sally, if you must know–have been thwarted because (a) I need to clean my apartment and (b) Blockbuster stopped renting VHS tapes and I only have a VHS player. (Yes, I do have a laptop, but it’s not quite the same.) In college, one of my friends told me I should just buy When Harry Met Sally, since I am overcome with a desire to watch it at least twice a year, and clearly, I should have heeded her advice. (I also am overcome with the desire to watch Center Stage on a regular basis, proving that I have terrible taste in movies.)

Anyway, I think everything I have to deal with is relatively dealable with, but hey! Maybe it is because mercury is in retrograde, whatever that means. 

Knitting-wise, this means the only thing I can knit is stockinette or garter stitch. Anyway, off to clean my apartment and knit a little before going to sleep.

Posted in Uncategorized at May 6th, 2009.