Brooklyn General

Address: 128 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 718-237-7753

 This store used to be on the same block (or fairly nearby) but in a smaller underground space. It used to be cozy but kind of twee, and the new space is much better. It does feel somewhat like a general store, and it has a large selection of yarn, as well as fabrics and other crafty notions. It’s not the most beautifully arranged store (that distinction still goes to Purl and Loop), but it feels comprehensive, as well as offering several types of yarn I haven’t seen at other stores, including a beige/white Noro shade, which was quite beautiful. (I think it’s the same shade as used in this wrap.) It also had a really large book selection, and spinning supplies.

I thought the selection was reasonably priced, though a fellow customer whispered to me, “It’s quite expensive here, you might want to look somewhere else as well,” while I was shopping. I thought it had a nice range of middle-priced yarns actually, but I remember thinking in their old location that it was a little bit on the pricey side, so maybe the old store’s stock was what the other customer remembered.

The store does have one annoying quality though–the staff yarn is not priced directly on the skein. You have to look it up in a little booklet hanging on the shelf, which is kind of a pain. But it’s definitely one of the nicer yarn stores in New York, I think. Definitely worth a visit.

Brooklyn General

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