Lekkercraft tagged me with the random things meme. I actually did a version of this earlier, but I interpreted that one as 8 hobbies I could have had. So, since we could all use more random things about me…here we go:

(1.) I love liver, liver products, preserved meats, and potted meats, including, but not limited to: pate, liverwurst (but only the kind that comes in a can, disgustingly enough. I don’t like the sliced kind), rillete, cha siu, chorizo, pastrami, proscuitto, and salami.

(2.) Every year, I have to buy at least one pair of really ugly shoes. I own Birkenstocks, Mephistos, and Crocs. I had the super-ugly white T-strap Birkenstocks before they were popular. Two years ago, Adam was all “NOOOOOO!” when I said I was going to buy Crocs, but then this summer, he was all, “Hmm, I want to buy some Crocs.”

Crocfest 2007 (by Slice)

Our ugly Crocs hang out together. (Actually, I think the lady Crocs are cute…but they’re still Crocs!)

(3.) I used to have this insane dentist who would call everyone by wildly inappropriate endearments. For example, he called all of his female patients (including me) “sweetums” and his black patients “my brothers” (he was white). Despite this, I think he was actually kind of a good dentist, but when I switched insurance plans, I decided I should stop going to him. He was really good about fees though–you could be like, “Hey, can I pay twenty dollars instead?” and he would be like, “Sure, that’s fine.”

(4.) I do not have any cavities.

(5.) I only recently acquired a driver’s licence, thanks to the skills of my driving guru, Steve. I loved Steve. He only spoke to me in epigrams, in Chinese. (I learned to drive in New York’s Chinatown.) Like the time I didn’t slow down in front of a flock of pigeons, he said, “Hey, [complex Chinese phrase.]” I said, “Steve, I have no idea what you’re saying.” (I spoke to him in English, he spoke to me in Chinese.) And then Steve sighed, and said, “What Lao Tzu [or whatever ancient Chinese sage he was quoting] means is, ‘Every living thing’s life is valuable, and we should respect that.'” Seriously, he knew a ton of these epigrams, and he rarely spoke, but when he did, they were always these Deep Thoughts.

(6.) I’m strangely fond of sports movies. They’re satisfyingly formulaic. Movies I have seen on the big screen include: The Replacements, Any Given Sunday, and Miracle. (I am not, however, a fan of watching sports on tv, though I like watching actual sports live, at a stadium.)

(7.) I have been to the Hockey Hall of Fame. My guidebook said it was a place where you would see grown men cry. I scoffed. I saw grown men cry, I cried, my friend with me cried, and whenever I’ve recommended this attraction to other people, they’ve reported back that they cried. It’s very moving.

(8.) I suck at Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, and Boggle. I seriously cannot rearrange letters for the life of me. Related: Vanna White now has her own line of yarn.

Last time I didn’t tag any other knit bloggers because I was worried they already had been tagged, but this time, I do not care! I am tagging the following:

1. Elemmaciltur

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6. Sockaholic

That’s only six, but I think this meme started as “Six Weird Things” and somehow became “Eight Weird Things,” so I don’t feel bad.

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