At Downtown Yarns

My shawl is looking like a group of moldy lit*le alien bu*ts.

This is my first lace project and it’s pretty interesting. I like the Addi Lace, but I haven’t used the Knitpicks, so I can’t compare. I wanted to knit on vacation, so I didn’t wait to order the Knitpicks version. The Addi Lace needles are definitely better than the regular Addi. (And in response to the comments in the last post, yes, they are sharper than the Addi bamboo. I’ve tried Inox sock needles but not the circulars, so my review knowledge is limited.)

Sorry for the lack of exciting post material; I only have these moldy li*tle alien bu*ts.

Posted in Uncategorized at July 17th, 2007.