New Jersey Minknit!

Adam and I came back from a week at the Jersey Shore. Only a little knitting on the bus, ’cause my arm has been feeling ache-y.


The shawl on the bus ride down.

I read two books (The Patron Saint of Liars and The Magician and the Cardsharp) and Adam embraced his inner nerd by reading a Dune book:

vacation photo 

We went to Cape May for a day and I briefly went to a yarn store:


Fiber Arts Studio                 
315 Ocean Street
Washington Commons
Cape May, NJ   08204
Phone: 609-898-8080


I was only in here for about twenty minutes (it was hot outside and I quickly realized I did not need any more yarn) but it seemed like a nice yarn store. Not particularly spectacular, but it seemed very well stocked with every kind of yarn you might want (cheap yarns, expensive yarns, cottons, sock yarn,  baby-clothes yarn) and a decent-sized book section. It also seemed to have a lot of business–in the twenty minutes I was in there, there were tons of customers coming and going (about 15 or so), most buying quite a bit of yarn.  Cape May seems to have a lot of slocals–summer locals–who spend the whole summer in town, so there are a decent amount of knitters with a lot of free time. I overheard one customer saying she comes in every summer and another customer, who came in with a couple of kids, saying that they were going to knit bags for all of the cousins and aunts. It’s right next to the bus station, so it’s easy to find if you happen to be in the area.

Back to work!

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