New Yarn

What might this yarn become? Ponder, my pretties, ponder…

Michele from Knitsane tagged me for the seven things about me meme. In the spirit of the Freakonomics column, I am going to list seven other possible hobbies I have contemplated adding to my life, besides knitting.

1. Violin playing I played the violin for a long time, yet manage to remain tone- and rhythm-challenged. But I enjoyed playing in an orchestra, even if I played during the rests. (Yes, I suck.)

2. Dancing. “You didn’t have the feet. I didn’t have the heart.” I didn’t have the feet. I wanted to be a ballerina, but after a couple of years of training at the ballet school I was told I didn’t have enough turnout. I make up for it by watching every cheesy dance movie ever, including Center Stage. Everyone who has ever seen this movie quotes that line.

3. Civil War Fanaticism. Sometimes I feel a slight tinge of the Civil War fever, especially last year, when I was doing a lot of Lincoln research at work. Pros: Never run out of things to obsess about. Cons: Fears of becoming the only non-Southern, asian, female reenactor. (Also. Might have to play a slave.)

4. Coin-operated machines. I love coin-operated machines. All of them. Old ones. New ones. Even those that dispense the weird sandwiches. I think that my love of coin-operated machines is actually a subset of a greater love…

5. Cheesy vacation destinations. Corn palace, when will I ever get to visit thee?

6. Printing. I took an intaglio class in college and it was awesome. Cons: Lack of printing press at home. Pros: I could qualify to join the counterfeiting department at the CIA! (wait, maybe that’s a con. I’m not sure.)
Pro or con? You decide: I would have to say, “Hey, want to see my etchings?”
Adam actually has a letterpress at his apartment, so perhaps if I just invest in some acid and metal plates, this could become a reality. Or maybe buy a Gocco printer.

7. Gun shooting. At a range. Not just randomly. This one I keep meaning to do, but haven’t gotten around to, yet. Not hunting, I don’t think. But I’ve never been on a hunt, so I can’t really tell if I’m lured by the hunt or not.

I am not going to tag 7 people, but I am going to tag Sarah. She’s not a knitting blog, but she is my friend, and also the giver of the gift certificate that bought that lovely yarn above, and thus, is my victim for this meme.

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