Look! Adam gave me an unexpected gift this week:

New York Minknit Labels 

They’re from www.namemaker.com. I love the colors he picked, the brown on blue.

(It was drizzling when we took the photo, hence the splotches of rain.)

Also, Adam, who was referred to by his friend as “a Scientologist with Flickr,” has finally convinced me about the wonders of Flickr. I’ve joined some groups, and I’ve found a lot of inspirational photos. Here are some great things that I’ve seen: (Click on the links to see the flickr photos)

(1) It turns out that the cable in Log Cabin Socks are also available as something called Boyfriend Socks, and the pattern is available on slippedstitch.blogspot.com 

(2) These sweet mittens from www.doggedknits.com

(3) A beautiful knit/crochet nightgown, from www.purlbee.com/bamboo-nightdress/

(4) A totally chic version of the Baby Surprise jacket here made by The Daily Purl.

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