So this was supposed to be a summer project, but since I’ve become so busy at work and also gimp-arm’d, it is probably going to take a while (especially since my wrists still hurt. Improved, but achy.)

Here’s a sketch of what it looks like. (If I were on Project Runway, Tim Gunn would make a horrible face and say, “Hmmm.”) It’s going to be a cropped jacket with three-quarter length sleeves, and fairly tight, with maybe hook and eye closures. The shaded parts of the jacket are going to be a patterned stitch.



Here’s the swatch. The white part is just me thinking the yarn would look good mixed in with white, but apparently I was smoking crack, because it is Ugly. So the crossed stitch is going to be the border, and just stockinette for the body. 


Designing my own sweater as a beginning knitter may be a fiasco waiting to happen. So, keep reading and you can watch me and my errors as I go from sketch to (hopefully) a finished project. (Or, the part where I throw all my yarn into a dumpster and cry because I have chosen a project that is way too hard for me.)

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