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I was reading Gothamist today, and I noticed they did a funny little item about people who “tag” with knitting, instead of graffiti. (see photo above.) And I thought it was cute, and then they were talking a little bit about knitting blogs, and then…they mentioned ‘ol New York Minknit!

Well, I’m pretty embarassed because this is a pretty lame knitting blog, and full disclosure time here, I know Jen Chung, Gothamist editor, both in a professional and social capacity.

So if you’re looking for New York knitting blogs, check out the list on the New York Knitters ring button on my sidebar — there are lots of great New York City knitters and knit bloggers, including half of, Jess from (who started the New York knitting blog ring), and a new-to-me blog (which I discovered from reading, I love his urban aran sweater!  

Go forth and knit!

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