Inspiration Thursday: First Ladies

Okay, I know everyone is sick of the whole shallow coverage of Michelle Obama versus Carla Bruni fracas and/or thinks that this is the wrong economic moment to focus on fashion,  but I am loving the fashion coverage. I think they both look great. I like Carla Bruni’s ’60s bourgeoisie-in-Dior look–she’s straight out of a housewife-gone-bad New Wave flick. Carla Bruni is definitely going demure, but we know your supermodel past, girl!

I like architectural details at the neck–Michelle Obama is wearing something with some interest at the neck here, too. Mrs. Obama is more modern than Mrs. Sarkosky–her looks aren’t very retro, even if they have a retro detail to them.


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One Response to “Inspiration Thursday: First Ladies”

  1. April 10th, 2009 at 8:58 am #michele

    sick of fashion coverage??? never! especially in these economic times it’s a relief to have something cheerful to think about like clothes. i love Carla Bruni’s look and giggled at how you described it.