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What is that weird lumpy thing? Why it’s the Moldy Little Alien Bu*ts shawl. (I looked at my stats, and I was getting regular hits from people looking for “lit*tle bu*ts” and I was extrememly disturbed and hence my new censored name for the shawl.)

You’ll have to wait a few days for a shot of it in action, but it’s blocked and ready to go…and it’s truly beautiful. I’m still not convinced of shawls being fashionable, but some sort of knitting fumes overcame me and now I want an entire chest of shawls. If I can convert to shawls, I’m not sure what terrible paths I may wander down next. Fanny packs? Stonewashed jeans? I don’t know and I am scared.

Lekkercraft kindly tagged me with a “You Make My Day” award, which was very nice, especially because I sometimes worry that all of my readers are people who are searching for “li*tle but*s” and I have to say that they are not my preferred demographic.

I’m also glad this meme is going around, because as Lekkercraft pointed out, there seems to be a rash of babies and book deals or something going around, and there’s a dearth of frequently updated knit blogs. I read all the big ones, of course, and here’s another six that I like to read (not all knitting related). I’ll try to add another four or so over the next few posts.

1. Lickety Knit Rachel’s knit blog is fairly big, I think, but it is still one of the funniest. I wish she would update EVERY DAY, but apparently she has other things to do.

2. Knit The Hell Up I recently discovered this blog, and I think the writer’s voice is sarcastic and amusing.

3./4. Store blogs: The Loopy Ewe I’ve never ordered from this site, but I still read this blog all the time. I’ve said this before, but I think Sheri’s blog is really an asset to her business–I always WANT to order from her, but I don’t really have any need, so I’ll just stay an internet window shopper for now. The Purl Bee has beautiful projects and inspirations, and I’m still lusting after this nightgown that was featured on the blog a while ago.

5./6. Okay. I’m combining two here together. And let me say that I am well aware that reading about television is kind of weird and a short skip and a jump to a Large Print Reader’s Digest-reading lifestyle. Once, I read Proust, now I read about tv online. Anyway.

Moving on with shame: The first one is the insane Gossip Girl recapper for Television Without Pity. Written by some dude named Jacob, who lives in Austin, TX, let me quote from the previous episode’s recap:

Any system has rules, whether it’s gender roles or heterosexuality or rich-dad/poor-dad class structure, and your option is to learn those rules and perform them properly, in order to be rewarded by that system….But any system, social or otherwise, still operates in terms of game theory. Step out of the game altogether, reclaim your space, and you forfeit the right to those rewards, because you’re no longer in the running. So the deal that you’re actually making, when you agree to quit the team or come out of the closet or admit aloud or publicly that you’re a sexual being — a whore, by the rules of the game — is what shame was invented to contain and administrate. Shame exists in society for one reason only: to keep everybody playing the game.

Jacob is either the most off-topic / purple-prose recapper in TWOP history or some sort of idiot-savant genius–I can’t decide. His belief that Gossip Girl is art operating “at the top of its game” (his words, not mine) is fascinating, and I highly recommend his recaps.

Along these lines, Dalton Ross at Entertainment Weekly has this hilarious online column called The Glutton, where he randomly rambles about his pop culture obsessions every Wednesday. His wife loves Tim Riggins* from Friday Night Lights, and if you, like me and Dalton Ross’s wife (Christina Kelly, a fine editor and writer in her own right) are weirdly addicted to teen dramas, then The Glutton’s constant grumblings about his wife’s age-inappropriate crushes will be deeply amusing.

* Any right-thinking woman who has seen Friday Night Lights LOVES Tim Riggins, including me. To quote Davd Foster Wallace [about cruise ship captains, but this sentiment could be easily be applied to Tim Riggins] “women of all ages and estrogen-levels swooned, sighed, wobbled, lash-batted, growled, and hubba’d when one of [them]…went by.”

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  1. January 31st, 2008 at 4:58 am #jenny

    OMG, Tim Riggins is the most appropriate application of that quote ever. I was talking to my mom’s best friend recently (a woman who a) I have never in nearly 30 years ever heard mention a man or woman’s looks — I had always thought she was impervious to such things, and b) is old enough to have changed my diapers when I was a baby) and she actually *blushed* when we started talking about our love for Tim Riggins.

    Moving back to Austin has exceeded my expectations in almost every possible way, but it has been completely unsatisfactory in the category of “sightings of (preferably shirtless) Tim Riggins.” (I do not know or care what the actor’s name is. He is only Tim Riggins to me.)