Knitting progress

Moldy Alien Butts Progress  

(My parents have these weird Polaroids from the ’70s, where some sort of chemical reaction between the photo album and the photos must have occured, that have the same tint as the photo above. Digital photography–even capturing the weird light of Polaroids gone wrong.)

It’s overcast and rainy in New York, hence the weird coloring of the shawl. (It’s actually much greener–closer to the color in this photo.) I’m almost done with the first skein and I think I might need to take a little break. The shawl was sufficently interesting that I knit it all summer, but now that I have another whole skein to go, I’ve slowed down a bit.

Spring/ugly socks are close to being finished, but my recent revelation that one sock is much too short and needs to be re-knit, has also dampened my enthusiasm for them.

In short, I have become a grouchy knitter.

In response to the comments on the post below, I did know that Lion Brand has some new, cuter patterns available, but unfortunately, none were at the store. Seriously, they had ordered these brand-new fugly fugly brochures that must have dated from the early ’80s (and the insides from the ’50s or so–in some ways, a godsend. Imagine if they taught you how to make an ’80s-sweater instead!)

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