T. Rex and the sock

Traveling Sock

Michele from Knitsane tagged me with a meme, but I’m still thinking it over. In the meantime, you get this photo–I think it’s one of the better ones from this traveling project gimmick. 

The AMNH is kinda racist* but still cool. I love the dinos, the gems, the whale room, and the old-school vitrines.

* See this photo of a vitrine in the Hall of Asian Peoples! Someone was telling me about this book, Give Me My Father’s Body, about the fight of an Inuit Eskimo to get his father’s body back from the museum, where it was on display.

If you want to knit a dinosaur, here and here are some dino pattern links.

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One Response to “T. Rex and the sock”

  1. June 2nd, 2007 at 6:28 pm #Adam

    you’re lucky they didn’t arrest YOU and lock you up in the museum for desecrating that dinosaur tooth with your crazy sock!