When Knitting Gurus Don’t Agree

So I am currently knitting the turtleneck on my sweater and I came across a problem.

First part of the problem: I had some stitches on holders, and then I had to pick up some around the neck to knit up. I looked in the Montse Stanley book and old Montse made all sorts of sniffy comments about the foolishness of people who keep their neckband stitches live on a holder instead of binding off (it makes one part flat and another part raised blah blah blah)

But the problem is that I had already kept some live (as per the pattern instructions) and though I could bind them off, old Maggie Rhigetti, of Sweater Design in Plain English (and Knitting in Plain English), makes all sorts of sniffy comments about foolish people who bind off for the neckline and then end up with a too tight neck.

 Well, Maggie and Montse can go duel it out in the master knitter ring next time they see each other (if they are alive) because BOTH OF YOU ARE UNHELPFUL!!! What I needed to know is how the hell do you pick up and slide the live stitches on and then pick up again?!?! Internet searches were not really helpful, so I guessed. I picked up (according to the photos on an article on Knitty, mixed with some Montse advice), and then I knit the live stitches (who the hell knows if this is the right thing to do), and it seems to be going okay.

 Kim’s hat has been placed on pause because I need those needles (the balene #9 in 16″) to knit the turtleneck and the armholes. Soon, both the sweater and the hat will be done. Hallelujah!!

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One Response to “When Knitting Gurus Don’t Agree”

  1. March 23rd, 2006 at 9:50 pm #Adam

    I have no idea what you’re saying here. Sounds like you failed your “Knitting in Plain English” class. 😉