Seaport Yarn

On Saturday, I conned Adam into going to Seaport Yarn with me. I totally loved this store. It’s like the office that Catherine Keener and John Cusak work in in Being John Malkovitch. You go to this totally nondescript office building near South Street Seaport, and then you take the elevator (with an empty spooky lobby, with a lone guard who ignores you) to the fifth floor.

Once you’re there, you see this weird paper sign up that says “Seaport Yarn.” I expected to be led to a strange tunnel which would hurtle me into John Malkovitch’s mind at any momment. Instead, I would up in this really weird waiting lounge, like one for a sad dentist, circa 1985, complete with extremely bad (and strange) wall art, and receptionist area. I said, “Um, is this a yarn store?” And a woman said yes, and then when I entered, I went into this weird labyrinth of office rooms (still complete with office furniture in many cases) with yarn everywhere. It was like the yarn twilight zone. Only one person could really be in the hallway between the rooms at anytime, and if you moved too fast, you would knock over a bunch of yarn (like me).

Adam overheard the owner say that that they might be evicted because the building is being turned into condos (and I’ve read that she used to run a consulting business out of the office originally). Anyway, I loved it. It was a totally opposite experience than all of the twee-er-than-thou yarn shops in Manhattan, and it really did have an enormous selection of yarn, all at reasonable prices.

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